Founded 1856 as Maryland Agricultural College, became one of the country's first Land-Grant institutions 1865. Became University of Maryland 1920, and leader of the combined six State Colleges and five Campuses of the University 1988.

Finanzierung: Öffentlich
Anerkennung: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Noten 5
Sprachen 1
Abteilungen 24
Studiengebühr pro Jahr
Lokale Währung: USD
4.581,00 $14.174,00 $
  • Zulassungsdetails: Graduation from high school or equivalent, and College Board SAT or ACT examination. TOEFL test for foreign students
Kurze Online-Kurse 79
Ihre Währung: USD
4.581,00 $14.174,00 $

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